Unseen (Trailer above)
15 minute Drama

Unseen had its broadcast premiere on ARTE, screening to the French and German regions on 23rd November 2019.

Unseen explores racial fetishisation and micro-aggressions through the eyes of Lien, a young woman who hopes for more than society is willing to offer her.
Screened at London Film Festival and winner of 4 awards - Best Director, Best Actress, Best Film and the People’s Choice Award at Newham Film Festival.
Unseen is a Challenge Alexa competition winner commissioned by ARRI and Directors UK, shot on the ALEXA with Master Anamorphic lenses with post-production from Technicolor.

The Expiration

5 minute love story

‘Breake off this last lamenting kisse, which sucks two soules and vapors both away.’ Inspired by John Donne’s poem, The Expiration reveals the bittersweet moments of a love’s last breath. An evocative, inner journey of two secret lovers as they accept they must reluctantly part forever.


Selected and screened at various international festivals. Full listings:

Man of Me Dreams!

6 minute comedy

A Geordie lass's search for the ideal man. Janet, tired of the usual sharks and eels, wonders if dating a gynaecologist might provide the best sex life in the world? Or would a nuclear physicist give her the ultimate bang she's been looking for?


Previously selected for: The Cinema Programme (1 of 16 Shorts), The British Council, Vicolo Corto Rassegna internazionale di Cortometraggi (International Touring, Festival) by Arci Nuova, Padova, Italy, The Short Film Festival, Leeds, Ottawa International Festival: Best First Short Film